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Transformation & Wellness

Coach, Speaker, Educator,

and Mentor



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Who am I? I could run down several accomplishments, credentials and trainings that I have completed to show the investment of time and energy to become the man known as Coach Mark. But at the core of who I am is a man of passion, wisdom, love, and resilience. I love to travel and experience the people, culture, and diverse environments of the world. Everything in life has shaped and prepared me for this moment and place in time. The period of time where I have broken free from all the constraints and the box that held me down for many years and have chosen to walk boldly in the greatness that my creator has placed in me.  


It is my belief that the world is a blank canvas, and I am equipped with the paint and the brushes (gifts and talents) to design and create the masterpiece that I envision for myself. Driven by a deeper call and realization of purpose, I want to help a generation also break free from constraining mindsets and tap into their unlimited potential while manifesting the life of their dreams. Through every speaking engagement, coaching session, workshop, post on social media and life interaction, my goal is to magnify my light so that the beams of my radiance touches everyone that it encounters.  

Hi, I'm Coach Mark


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build, encourage, and motivate growth and transformation in myself and others. I believe in holistic transformation and if it is going to take place it must happen in the mind, body, soul and spirt.  



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Coach Mark is a certified transformation and

wellness coach that is results oriented.

Through his research based coaching

practices, clients can expect to:

  • Manifest the life of their dreams,

  • Become the limitless version of themselves,

  • Unleash their full potential,

  • Create a lifetime of fulfillment,

  • Improve confidence, relationships, and career.


Michael Brown

The presentation was very professional, engaging,

and though provoking. If someone is looking to

transform their life, this workshop would

definitely be a good start.

Stacey l. green

The entire workshop was great. The information presented and how the presentation was structured were done so well. If you want to seriously be a different, better version of themselves, Coach Mark can help them get there.


The Empowerment Conference was an amazing experience. It provided tools and exercises to get out of your own way and to full and access the power you possess. I left empowered. The energy of the experience/words resonated with me.

breona jackson

The presentation was clear and broken down well enough to think and respond. It is worth the time. The presentation could really help jumpstart your “Go” button. I’m excited about my future.

Yvonne McConnico

During my workshop session, I found them to be interesting, well taught, and the session exercises were relatable. If you thought it all ended on the last day of class, you are so wrong. We started meeting in person, then the pandemic hit. Coach Mark contacted us all via Zoom and sessions continued. The lectures were exciting complimenting each slide or demo page for independent study. After the sessions ended Coach Mark has kept in touch! I’m on track and signing my first contract which I know would not have been possible without his guidance and inspiration to uncover what was already in me.

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