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Coach Mark

Transformation & Wellness Coach

Coach Mark is the epitome of mindset unchained. He states that the day he broke free from his limiting beliefs was the day that he stopped living to be simply better than the day before and started purposely living to experience the greatness that was always in him. In this freedom, he was able to break the up and down cycle of weight and drop 65lbs, go from not being able to run down the street to running his first 5k in record time for a beginning runner, and launching a thriving coaching and speaking business that organically garnered over 7,000 touchpoints in a single week.


He understands the significance and the depth of how mindsets can sabotage personal performance, organizational goals, and prevent individuals from reaching their full potential. He accelerates sustainable growth and transformation by challenging old beliefs, motivating toward unlimited potential, and equipping people with simple, easy to implement strategies.

The passion and heart that he brings to each experience are fueled by the personal transformation that he has gone through himself using the same tools and strategies that he applies to support others. From breaking through generational poverty, to being a trailblazer in his family lineage, to busting through limiting beliefs and becoming one of the top up and coming transformational coaches and speakers in the Southeast region, his story has inspired and motivated others to embark on their personal journey of growth and development.


A sought-out project manager in education, he has trained and coached thousands of teachers to support thriving readers in the US and abroad, supported the reading growth of over 10,0000+ students across the country, and spoke on national platforms on the effectiveness of program solutions in education. He has also worked with leaders to develop strategic plans to produce results and is known for his ability to partner and build relationships.

Mark is living in the fullness of purpose and destiny and is on a mission to ensure that everyone he comes in contact with knows that they are also full of unlimited potential. The moment that they bust through their limiting beliefs is the day that they can begin to experience and live in their wholeness: mind, body, soul, and spirit.


Speaker, educator, mentor

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